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From ValOmbré or nearby you will find many sporting or cultural activities: Hiking, Trail, Ski touring, Alpine & Nordic skiing, Snowshoeing, Mountain biking trails, Climbing, Paragliding, Acrobranch park, Museum of sacred art, Monastery of the Grande Chartreuse, Cirque de St Same, Cave of the Bear, etc...

The Chartreuse Regional Nature Park is reaching out to you! 

The Grande Chartreuse

The Chartreuse massif, its modern history (for almost a millennium) is inseparable from the Monastery of the Grande Chartreuse. Arrived in 1084 accompanied by six companions, Master Bruno set up a hermitage in a remote place of the Chartreuse since known as the Chartreuse desert...

Electric Scooter,

An exceptional electric scooter, one of the best all-terrain scooters! Available for rental from September 2023, ValOmbré is equipped with two high-end electric scooters , available for rental, to facilitate your local travel and why not, explore the surrounding paths, climb to the top of the station at the Scia or at the Charmant Som inn. With 70km to 90km of autonomy (on the flat), you won't be left out. Reservation and rental: contact us.


Amis trailers, à petites ou grandes foulées, vous aimez découvrir de nouveaux paysages ? Venez découvrir les formidables terrains de jeu qu'offre la Chartreuse, haute destination de cette discipline.


A very dense network of hiking trails crosses the Chartreuse massif. The ValOmbré is located at the start of several routes that will take you to the Charmant Som, or to the monastery of the Grande Chartreuse... To organize your walks, we offer the consultation of maps, topo-guides etc... For beginners, you can also take part in group outings organized by professionals for discovery days or even sporting stays


Summer or winter, you will have, if you feel like it or if you are passionate, the possibility of taking off from the highest point of the resort, La Scia, or walking and flying from the neighboring peaks (charming som, grand som, chamechaude ), for a paragliding flight. A paragliding school located in the village can introduce you to this particular sport, but you can also take advantage of your stay to take a first flight in flight accompanied by an instructor, or take part in an introductory or advanced course.

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Sortie VTT en montagne - Massif de la Chartreuse

Cycling & MTB

Col du Granier, Col de Porte, names that cycling enthusiasts know well. From the simple ballad to the search for performance, the Chartreuse massif offers a range of routes within everyone's reach and, who knows, maybe you will have the opportunity during your outings to meet Janie Longo who is have been training in Chartreuse for many years. Mountain bike enthusiasts have not been left out for two years with the installation of the new Combe de l'Ours chairlift: three downhill mountain bike trails of varying levels have been created in the ski area, open all summer.
Canyoning massif de la Chartreuse - Vallée du Grésivaudan


For canyoning, the great waterfalls that flow from the Plateau des Petites Roches towards the Grésivaudan valley are famous, but reserved for experienced people, some of them exceed a hundred meters! Other canyons in the Chartreuse have a more aquatic profile, such as the Gorges de Chaille, the Infernet or the Grenant.


If in the spring, the volume of water makes the conditions often ideal for enjoying sporty kayak descents on the Guiers Mort in the gorges between Saint-Pierre and St Laurent du Pont, class 4/5 in places; peaceful family routes are also possible all summer on the Guiers from Pont de Beauvoisin.


Fishing enthusiasts are not left out for the most fervent; provided with a fishing license, the rivers and torrents of Chartreuse are easily accessible to you. A few steps from the house, the Guiers Mort offers its banks to all fishermen. They will find an exceptional fishing course there.

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Grotte de Saint-Aupre - Spéléologie massif de la chartreuse - Le valombré


The Chartreuse and its karstic massif is an exceptional place for speleology enthusiasts. The Charterhouse offers beautiful underground explorations, from the most playful like the cave of Saint-Aupre, to the most serious crossing of the Dent de Crolles.
Balade à cheval en montagne - Savoie, Isère - Massif de la chartreuse

Horse riding

On the back of a donkey or on horseback, what a marvelous way to discover our marvelous massif; several centers offer formulas ranging from walks to hikes, from 1 hour to several days. The little ones are not forgotten and also have the opportunity to indulge in equestrian pleasure on pony back.

Climbing and Via Ferrata

There are many climbing sites spread across the massif that cater to all levels, from beginners to seasoned climbers.

A beautiful Via Ferrata (Roche Veyrand) is located a few miles away from the ValOmbré.

Above the Village of Saint Pierre de Chartreuse is a small climbing school. A balcony high above the Chartrousine forest, the Rocher du Mollard climbing site is an ideal family initiation site. It offers about forty routes accessible from 4a.

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Monastère de la Grande Chartreuse - Le valombré

Grande Chartreuse Monastery

Who has not heard of the Monastery of the Grande Chartreuse, located in a majestic site (starting point for splendid hikes) and bathed in silence. It is here that the Chartreuse liqueur was born a very long time ago, and that its secret is jealously guarded there.
Visite des Caves de la Chartreuse - Le Valombré - Isère

Cultural space of the Caves de la Chartreuse

When you enter this new museum space, you will stroll through the former production site through 7 spaces that symbolize the major periods in the history of Chartreuse liqueurs. From the origins of the Elixir through the birth of the liqueur or even the founding of the brand, there are nearly 1200 original pieces, never exhibited, that you can discover.
Musée Arcabas en chartreuse - Musée contemporain à Saint-Pierre-de-Chartreuse

Museum of Contemporary Sacred Art

A unique set of its kind created by the painter Arcabas, within this exceptional and international place, 111 works jostle (paintings, sculptures, stained glass, engravings in the ground) and make it an authentic and overwhelming treasure of the sacred art of today.
Crâne - Musée de l'ours des cavernes - Activité avec enfants - Saint-Pierre-de-Chartreuse

Cave Bear Museum

Who has never dreamed of going back in time? The Cave Bear Museum invites young and old to follow in the footsteps of this mythical animal that has now disappeared. In the reconstituted cave, shadows and diffused light, rock walls and reconstituted floors, everything is done to maintain the illusion of an entry into the underground world of cave bears.